More than Fertility. Safeguarding Your Reproductive Health With The Billings Ovulation Method™ - page 11

4: Knowing what is normal for you...
and what isn’t
There are many practical benefits to learning the Billings Ovulation Method™. Not
only can it help you to avoid or achieve a pregnancy, it can also help you to monitor
and safeguard your reproductive health. Changes in the mucus are a reflection of
what is going on in the body’s hormonal system. The chart you keep will be an
accurate record of these hormonal events. Once you learn to recognise what is
normal for you, you can more easily identify what isn’t. If you notice irregularities in
your pattern, such as abnormal bleeding or a bizarre pattern of discharge, you will
know to get them investigated. So, what is normal and what isn’t?
Vaginal infections
Learning to recognise the different types of normal, healthy cervical mucus will help
you recognise abnormal vaginal discharge that could indicate an infection.
Normal bleeding
With your Billings Ovulation Method™ tutor you will learn to recognise the 4 normal
types of bleeding. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to more easily identify
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