More than Fertility. Safeguarding Your Reproductive Health With The Billings Ovulation Method™ - page 13

Forearmed is Forewarned!
As you can now see, a knowledge of your cycle and your patterns of cervical mucus
and bleeding can help you recognise what is normal and what isn’t. The Billings
Ovulation Method™ can help you to protect your reproductive health by recognising
any disturbances in your normal patterns. That way any abnormalities can be
diagnosed and treated at an early stage.
To learn more about this vital health information, visit:
or phone 1800 335 860 to book your appointment with
a Billings Ovulation Method™ tutor.
6: So Now You Know...
…how essential cervical mucus is for fertility and infertility, and in safeguarding your
reproductive health. Changing hormone levels throughout your menstrual cycle affect
the amount and texture of the mucus. Each kind of mucus has a special role to play.
Once you are familiar with these changes you will be able to identify your own
pattern of infertility and fertility. You will also be able to recognise irregularities that
might need further investigation. This knowledge is empowering! So help us get the
message out there! Tell your friends… because this is knowledge that every woman
ought to have.
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