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Early Day Rule 2
You can have intercourse on alternate evenings of your Basic Infertile Pattern (BIP)
You wait until evening so you can be sure there has been no change from your BIP.
You need to be upright and moving about for a few hours for the mucus to flow down
to where you can become aware of it at the vulva. The reason for alternate evenings
is because the day after sex you may feel damp and see a discharge of seminal fluid,
and this can mask a change in the mucus pattern. The seminal fluid detected on the
day after sex will not contain any live sperm. So even if fertility starts in the hours
following intercourse there will be no sperm capable of reaching and fertilising the
Early Day Rule 3
When there is a change from your BIP, wait and see
Waiting without intercourse when there is a change from the BIP allows you to
observe whether this change results in a Peak or in a return to the BIP. A change from
the BIP indicates potential fertility and the possibility of sperm survival.
If the Peak is observed the Peak Rule can be applied. If the BIP returns you should
wait for a further 3 days and then resume using Rule 2 from the fourth evening. This
ensures that the hormones have settled back to a low level and the cervix is tightly
The Peak Rule is applied once the Peak of fertility has been recognised
Peak Rule
You may have intercourse at any time from the beginning of the fourth day after the
Peak until your next period
Waiting until the 4th day past the Peak allows time for ovulation to take place and for
the life-span of the egg. For the remainder of the cycle you are infertile because the
egg is dead and you won’t ovulate again until after your next menstruation.
Your Billings Ovulation Method™ tutor can help you interpret your individual patterns
of fertility and infertility and to correctly apply these guidelines.
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