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Hormonal Methods
There are two main issues to consider when using hormonal methods of contraception
like the Pill: side effects and long-term risks.
Side effects: These may include tender breasts, nausea and breakthrough bleeding.
Some women taking the pill can experience
. The more serious side effects can occur when women with particular risk
factors take the Pill, such as those who smoke, or who have cardiovascular problems
or high blood pressure. In these cases, the risks of heart attack and stroke are
increased. There is also a small risk of the serious condition Deep Vein Thrombosis
(DVT), so women with blood clot problems should not take the pill.
Long-term risks: The jury is still out, but use of
. The risk of breast cancer may be further increased the longer you take
the Pill, and the older you are when you are taking it.
“I think there has been a growing
dislike in the last decade or so with
people not liking to take the Pill
forever... A feeling that they just don’t
want to keep pumping their body full of
Women’s Health Specialist, Royal Women’s Hospital.
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