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3: Brace Yourself... I’m going to talk about
Cervical Mucus!
Yes, it’s all about the mucus! If you have no idea what this has to do with preventing
pregnancy, you are not alone. A recent Australian study found that less than one in
five women had correct knowledge about their body’s signs and symptoms of fertility
and infertility.
Even so, you have probably noticed different types of cervical mucus
during your menstrual cycle, and thought nothing of it. But far from being nothing, this
mucus, which is produced by the cells of the cervix for a few days before ovulation,
is essential for fertility. The sensation and appearance of this mucus at the vaginal
opening (called the vulva) help you to identify the fertile and infertile times in your
“It just seems so obvious. I don’t know
how I didn’t notice it before.”
Kate, 28 years
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Pregnancy outcomes associated with peak fertility.
The Female Reproductive System
The Female Reproductive System
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