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What if I told you that there was a way of preventing pregnancy that was as
effective as the oral contraceptive pill, and more effective than IUDs, condoms and
And what if I told you that this method was non-invasive, simple to use, economical,
and device and drug-free?
And what if I said that this method had been subjected to more scientific research
than any other method of regulating fertility?
Sounds good, right?
Well, would you believe that I’m talking about the Billings Ovulation Method™?
You may not have heard about the Billings Ovulation Method™ before. If you have,
you may have it confused with the Rhythm Method, also known as the calendar
method. Far from it! The Billings Ovulation Method™ is based on rigorous science.
It is backed by more than 50 years of medical research, with optimum results. And
instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, it works with each woman’s unique patterns
of fertility and infertility.
So read on to learn how you can confidently prevent pregnancy…
with no nasty side-effects!
The Billings Ovulation Method™ — as effective as the pill… only NATURAL!
John Murtagh, (2011), General Practice 5th Ed, McGraw-Hill.
J.J. Billings (2002), The Billings Ovulation Method in China, p.6.
The Billings Ovulation Method™ has
pregnancy rates of zero to 0.5 percent
and is not the Rhythm Method which,
even when used perfectly, has a failure
rate of around 9 percent.
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