The Post-Ovulatory Infertile Phase

The Post-Ovulatory Infertile Phase




In a fertile cycle menstruation follows the Peak 11-16 days later unless conception has occurred. This interval of approximately two weeks is called the “luteal” phase.

During this post-ovulatory infertility you may chart days of dryness or days of discharge, but the sensation will not return to the slipperiness of the fertile phase. Many women notice one or two days of wetness just before menstruation, but if you have confidently recognised the Peak you'll know that this is just an indication that the cycle is near its end.

It's important to remember that each cycle may be different. By keeping a chart and applying the Rules of the Billings Ovulation Method® you'll know day by day when you're infertile, potentially fertile, and when you ovulate.

Your tutor will explain what is happening in your body based on what you've charted, and will help you to gain the confidence to successfully use the Billings Ovulation Method® at every stage of your reproductive life.