Approaching menopause?

Approaching menopause?


approachmenopause 250From about the age of fifty most women are infertile. The change from fertility to infertility is usually gradual, occurring over a number of years. During this time menstrual cycles often become extremely variable in length and mucus episodes less frequent.

Uncertainty about whether or not you're fertile can cause stress and confusion in your relationship. If a couple doesn't want another pregnancy, but isn't sure if this is possible, they may find themselves abstaining unnecessarily.

Perhaps your doctor has suggested that for your health you should stop using hormonal contraception, and find a natural method of preventing pregnancy for the remainder of your reproductive life.

The Billings Ovulation Method® can provide security during this time of changing fertility. By learning to recognise your pattern of infertility and the increasingly infrequent times of possible fertility you can apply the guidelines to avoid pregnancy confidently. Your Billings Ovulation Method® tutor will help you learn how to observe and chart your patterns and interpret what your chart is telling you. It isn't necessary to predict the end of fertility: the key to successful fertility regulation at this stage is positive recognition of infertility which will eventually become absolute.

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